Ott Karson skiing story

Nākamajam WEBALOG izdevumam, pēc kārtas ceturtajam, Ott Karson sniedza speciālu interviju. Tā kā gaidiet žurnālu, bet pagaidām uzzini kā Ott’s sāka savas slēpošanas gaitas un noskaties viņa 2011.gada editu.

Story of my  skiing.. Hmm, Don´t remember much, but I started snowboarding when I was 6 or 7. I did some small spins and flips when I was about 13-14 but the progress was slow and it was going boring. My brother classmate was guy called TOPIS, who was the only guy in the park with skis and he did really grazy things and I was really stocked of that. One day I take snowblades and started to skiing, it was really fun. A few day´s later I get great slalom ski´s and it was like secend level, I did 360 and 450´s. Next year I had my first twintips and on the end of the season I did 900, I was really stoked for the progress. Then next winter  I get my first sponsor and that was really step forward, my trick list was growing and growing. Every day after school I was in the park and having fun and in spring I had the first film trip with TEIPFILMS. It was great and then after trip I got  SALOMON for my new sponsor. Salomon was giving to me 100% of support and thanks for that, my progress was faster and I was feeling good, because the gear was much better than the last sponsor(Rossignol). Next winter Motel Paradise was giving me awsome red hoodie, loved it, and my goal for winter was to start riding like the other guys(Pros), my trick list was going so big and I got my style like I wanted, that winter(2009) was the most best, Best gear, Best Trick´s and best trips. But then I was getting my first serious injuris, like knee strain and dislocated my shoulder. 2010 was awesome too, then I started to product small clips with my friends and made MASScrew, really nice things was happening. 2011 was not so good, few new trick´s, but injuris was blocking my skiing. I was planing more filming in urban but time flews and school set limit´s

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