Riders guide to “Ride In Baltics” judge criteria

First of all, thanks to all the riders, who has chosen to participate in 12/13 RIB tour. We all together can make this year memorable.

For your convenience, we present judging criteria for this years freeskiing judging.

As basis of this table we used AFP judging criteria or better know by ‘overall impression’ which is divided in several categories for example: excution,difficulty,amplitude etc.

So let’s start – first comes EXECUTION. This section includes physics like takeoff, grab duration, control in the air, rail completion, posture etc. From this section judges will also take minus for falls, ungainly takeoff or landing etc. 30 points devoted for execution, most of all the sections, because judges want to see style combined with tricks.

Next – DIFFICULTY, described as for example, rotation – left or right, movement – switch or forward, axis of the trick like spin or flip, different grabs etc. 25 points meant here for your tricks.

As we continue AMPLITUDE is our next parameter. It concerns more air tricks than rail, but can be applied on all setups. Go as high you can but remember to focus on control too. 5 points for good amplitude.

VARIETY goes after last one. Basically it’s different used ‘difficulty’- multiple used spins, direction of axis, grab combinations etc. This is how you plan your run based on you skills and how you use second point section to make run more interesting and skilled. Use switch and forward, left an right spins, flips and simple spins etc. 15 points devoted for this section.

COMBINATION comes last but not least. Remember to keep out of reverts, ride smooth and choose park elements wisely. This section describes speed, best tricks in a row etc. 5 points for your results for ‘combination’.

PROGRESSION guys. No one wants to see your line in every single contest or your best trick in every final. Be creative and push our scene forward. And we aren’t talking only about double corks but  wise and eye catching riding in general. Be smart and use new stuff, because it costs 20 points this year.

So let’s take rest and meet up this Saturday.


About hoodz

Baltics freeskiing's messenger. Invented 'WEBALOG'. Trying to bring the fresh out of Baltics skiing scene
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