Interview Edvards Lansmanis

So Hi Edis, What’re you up these days?

Hi my Man. First of all, I do very well. I am trying work it out with my small injuries with my both knees, so training hard, much as possible, right now it’s summer and its important to rest . All kinds of parties and other sports too. That’s what I love to do – have good time. Anyway, get ready for the next season.

Tell me about yourself, are you studying, working?

No job for me man. Actually, I am working at home, helping my mom, this is how I earn money. About school, this year I finished my secondary school, Art and design school. Now I’ll go to next level, taking a part of an Latvian art academy.

Outline some memories from your early days in skiing?

That was beautiful, actually, I don’t remember. Just took skis and went to meet  with style.

Another season has finished here in Baltic’s  what can you say about it in general? Was this year different from others, talking about our scene, we took step forward?

Yes, yes, this season was sick, not just for me, but for the Baltic’s too,man.  You know, everyone in these days is so good – everyone got balls, you know what I am talking about,but I just want to say one thing – we took step forward, but wait for next season. It’s gonna be big.

It’s been pretty wild season for you, lets start with RIB tour, you finished first overall, what are your feelings?

What can I say, for God’s sake, that feeling was good! You know, first place always feels good, but when you take your perfect run, man, that feels right.

It was mostly you and Ott every contest. What’s your terms with him outside the course?

He is a great guy with  good style and he’s very good opponent.

You competed much this season, tell me about you euro events experience?

First, I took a part in World Cup in Finland. Oh, it was cool to compete with such as good riders like Colby James West, PK Hunder and more. I got really big experience, I made a history also being the first freeskier from Latvia who has competed in FID. So, when I got this thing, “experience”, I decided to take a part in World Junior freestyle championship. I just want tosay one thing ,man, when i’m standing on the start – I think only one thing – how much I love what I do. For real, it’s a big story to tell and great emotions also.

First time anybody from Baltic skiing stepped his foot in FIS events, how it was? Are you satisfied with results?

The result wasn’t the best, I can say, it was pretty bad, but I didn’t go there for results, no, no, just wanted to try how it is.

You travelled pretty much past season, tell me about best trip you had?

I don’t know, really. All of my trips was nice. Oh, yeah, I just remembered the trip to Viljandi, Estonia, great urban trip. It was so much fun, big thanks to Tim Jeeger for hosting us.

Which are the riders that you ride together?

Mostly with Stabins and my brother Einars,of course all Skilluminati crew, plus all my friends. But never ride alone, never.

Next year starts qualification for Sochi 2014, will you try to get there?

Of course, I don’t wan’t to miss my chance. Its not just go and compete at Olympics, that’s the dream. THE DREAM!

Apart from the good side of the opportunity like Sochi, what your thoughts about all displeasable things going on about olympics for example judging?

The NEXT question please! No, for real, those guys who sit in Olympics big chairs, they do all this shits, but while everything is ok, then its cool. I don’t want to go too deep into this stuff. Let’s just see how it will work out.

Often you had been seen filming Riga and Estonia urban, tell me about this movie project goin on?

This is big project for us, for all  skilluminati crew. No budget, no big mountains, no LA or Stockholm big spots. -This is how we ride. This is our story.

I think the story starts something like this. Four amazing guys, not so amazing on skis, but still pretty cool guys, talking: “Hey Man, You have seen this new movie? It’s boring, every year, the same. Common guys, let go take some beers. ” So, its took time, when those four guys thought: “Why can’t we make movie, a film about skiing in Baltic’s. True love story, how much we love snow.” So, this is how its started.

Whats different when you are on urban set up inrun and start podium in FIS contests?

Feeling is the same. In contests you got 2 runs or 3, so you know, you must do the best. In urban, you get millions of chances, but still, if this spot is fucking scary and hard, you don’t wont to hang out in this spot for too long. Anyway, I love competing and I love go on urban too.

You added some new tricks to your skill baggage, what’s most important things to observe when learning new stuff?

Be prepared for injures. Must be very strong, not just in body, but in head to, mentally.

What’s your other hobbies outside skiing?

Painting, it’s relaxing me. Inline hockey, that’s is so fun and cooking, I love to eat my own food.

Have you ever had some mayor injuries?

Not really, some small injuries concerning my knees and one broken finger.

You have a bigger brother who is skier too, is he in some ways influencing you?

Yeah, he is my coach, my manager, my big brother. “Gold medals do not come easy.” He said that all the time.

How many time you have chosen party over skiing?

Not many, only a few.

Last time i checked your i-pod it contained a wide range of music from e-40 till some classic symphonies.What are you listening when you’re riding and how do you choose music for exact situations?

First of all, do not take my stuff! Ha Ha, Second, it’s not my i-pod, it’s my brothers. Third, I’m really good friends with I-pod, it’s so hard to understand this stuff. Ok, about music. I don’t stay on one style of music. I like hip-hop, rap, rock, some classic shit, even some symphonies, yes, it’s helping me relaxing OK- reggae also.

Tell me about your typical Saturday in winter?

If there some competitions, then i must compete, but if not, go to urban.

Why are Latvians so special comparing to whole world, have you ever thought about it?

I’ve always considered myself to be special. Everyone should feel special.

Does one movie can put whole country on freeskiing radar, similar what happened with Moscow,Russia?

Yes! One guy can make big things, crew can make bigger thing, but a nice movie, sexy time with nice girls.

What is necessary for good video part?

Funny story! Anyway, it must be interesting. If you got a story, than video will be good even before it’s finished.

What are the trends in newschool skiing nowadays?

No more 10xl, max 7xl T-Shirt 🙂 I don’t know, I ride with my style.I Don’t care aboout newschool stuff.

We have heard some rumors about you and monster sponsorship. What can you reveal to our readers?

No comments, everything is nice, but I’m still waiting for my contract, so be patient.

Any summer camps this year?

I was in Les 2 Alpes,  for two and half weeks. It was great, Perfect Park, perfect weather and nice freeski girls. And after that, me and my brother organized Latvian Freeski and Snowboard camp in Ventspils. Such a nice days.

Name five ideas that young riders need to know?

Stay cool! Don’t drink alcohol.Fresh style.Ride with us.Watch Cartoon Network.

Where do you hope to see yourself in the next five years as a freeskier?

I hope everyone will know me like “Edis – THE SKI MONSTER”


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