Spring cant stop us. Law cant stop us. Weather wont stop us. Tick some fat cross in you planners folks – 20th of April is the date for the fabulous ‘RĪGAS BENDE INVITATIONAL’.

Super hyphy snowpark shaped up by hands of god. Music from the slums. Some good shit in prizes. But above all mentioned – high times in Žagarkalns presented by Skilluminati crew.

10.00 we will start with some exercises around all snowpark. Remember this is not a contest, no FIS points included guys, but jam sessions on some features with prizes will be held. We will drink tons of Red Bull, film some last parts for your edits and last but not least spend some time in real bath house on top of the hill.

So remember:

20.04.13 ‘just blaze’ day

Žagarkalns, Cēsis

ticket for lift – 5lvl for whole day

cheap places to stay at night – turisms.cesis.lv/en/youth-hostels/ turisms.cesis.lv/en/where-to-stay/?object=53

all questions here – SKLMNTI@gmail.com



About hoodz

Baltics freeskiing's messenger. Invented 'WEBALOG'. Trying to bring the fresh out of Baltics skiing scene
Šis ieraksts tika publicēts Baltijas jaunumi ar birkām , , , , , , , , , . Pievienot grāmatzīmēm tā pastāvīgo saiti.


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