Emīls Ozoliņš wild for the season

When we talk about Latvian freeskiing scenes future we talk about Emils Ozolins for sure. Only 16 years young but having style like pro in middle ages. Originated in Riga he blasted RIB tour junior group for the second time, filmed couple wu-tang approved edits and cruised streets together with Skilluminati crew. We cached up with this little dude right before season in Latvia has ended.


How was your season, what did you achieved and whats your plans for the summer?

Season was pretty long. I visited Austria, Finland, Italy and of course Latvian hills. Managed to be at some competitions still being 100 percent in streets with SKLMNT filming for our new movie. Shit was wild, tons of new locations, wild spots, we even got chased by armed man – Crazy! In summer i will be visiting French alps, its like paradise for me, but in Latvia i’ll be hitting some summer features for sure.

For two years you have been dominated in RIB juniors group, what are the feeling that next season you will be competing with pro’s?

Junior group is fun, but the main problem is that there are more less riders than big group. So i guess next years RIB for me will be more excited, but mainly this isn’t my main focus like developing my style and to vary from other riders.

So is it true we will see you in Skilluminati newest flick?

I will appear in some shots. All i can say the movie will be bomb.


What skier fires you the most if we talk about last season?

I haven’t got a favortie skier from past year, though i can say Reinis Stabins looks like home sweet home when he rides street. Sigulda looks fresh and interesting and its nice to see some new riders in parks.

What will replace camo if we bring fashion stuff up nex season?

Camo is the bomb, i haven’t got any bad issues with wearing camouflage. But you need to be ready like hiphop is changing with trap shit there could be some ghetto colors appearing on streets next year.

Tev traucē?  

Jāsaka, ka man noteikti netraucē.

Not stay tuned.


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