Nipwitz two years plan “Brain Massage”


One of the reasons why rock music, denim and flannel was invented were scandinavians. That’s for sure. Nipwitz took a little break from video webisodes that we used to love to charge forces for a full movie banger.

This movie will be special for us Baltics because Estonia was on of the destinations that these guys passed through visiting on of the craziest Estonians – Tiimo Jeeger (also skier). Project will be done in 2014 fall. This means there will be planty of more stuff improving this piece.

Sadly but looks like this movie will be last artwork for Nipwitz projeckt but again, viking wars, metal and dragons as Nipwitz described their upcoming movie, will guide us trough black skiing fairytale starring one of the best Scandinavian skiers.

About hoodz

Baltics freeskiing's messenger. Invented 'WEBALOG'. Trying to bring the fresh out of Baltics skiing scene
Šis ieraksts tika publicēts Industrijas jaunumi, Ārzemju foto & video ar birkām , , , , . Pievienot grāmatzīmēm tā pastāvīgo saiti.


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